Meet our Residents
Des and Elaine McCarthy lived in Elanora Heights and hadn’t given much thought to retirement accommodation until Des was required to help his sister look for alternative accommodation after hip replacement surgery

They began to realise that options for seniors were extremely limited. This led to them making the major decision to plan seriously for their own retirement and old age.

The practicalities of retirement are much more than financial planning and superannuation fund management. They both appreciate the security of an integrated complex which offers hostel and nursing home accommodation in the eventuality of extreme old age. They are very matter of fact about getting older and do not want to get caught out if they reach the extended years.

There comments are full or superlatives. “Superb ambience”. “Remarkably well thought-out architecture”. “We marvel at the tranquillity.” They love the privacy. There is no sense of being jammed in on an estate. Their lounge room overlooks the bush and the balcony is the ideal spot to relax for a meal, a quiet read or a chat with the many species of, colourful, avian visitors.

Des’s summary. “We are extremely happy here”.

Tom and Leone Hay summed up their feelings of their new home in one sentence. “We are incredibly blessed to be here”

“From the moment we met the manager and the receptionist, we knew that this place was something special. The attitude of care is tangible”, says Leone.

Here are two people who have no regrets of leaving their large home in Turramurra and downsizing to something more practical. They are often away, travelling around Australia in their motor home for weeks at a time. When they return there are no leaves in the garden to be raked, or weeds to pulled, lawns to be mowed. Home is exactly as they left it.

At times Tom reminisces about his large workshop but has set up a mini version in the garage. However, he realises that home maintenance is a thing of the past, and most of the handyman work he does is for his children and not himself.