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Adventist Aged Care’s Mission & Vision

Adventist Aged Care have been caring for the Aged since 1960, in a Christian environment with Love and Dignity. Our services have expanded and improved to meet today’s expectations of care delivery. We have moved well beyond the concept of caring for frail people of advanced age, to providing a wide range of accommodation and care.

Our Mission

The Staff of the Adventist Aged Care are a group of professionals dedicated to the compassionate care of the residents and their families regardless of race, culture or creed.

The values that motivate us are




R Respect the organisation and what it stands for
E Effective regular and better communication
S Sincerity in what we do
P People focused and give the best possible care
E Everyone has the same rights regardless of who they are
C Confidentiality, privacy and dignity to be maintained at all times
T Teamwork what makes us a better place
F Forgive each other and be committed to make a difference
U Unconditional love, care and unselfish service
L Learning from each other


O Open-minded when dealing with challenges
P Proud of the things we do and the people we serve
E Engage others in an open and honest way
N New ideas welcomed and promoted


L Love residents and staff as Jesus would
O Open our hearts to those who are in need
V Value people and see them for who they are
I Instilling empathy and sympathy in all we do
N Nurture our residents and staff by support and care
G Goodness is a conscious decision – make it!


F Fun, happy environment in which to interact
R Reach out to people
I Identify the needs and beliefs of those around us
E Enthusiasm towards work, do your best
N Never forget our obligations to residents and staff
D Deal patiently with each other, residents and their families
L Laughter is contagious, use it
Y Yes, we can achieve our goal by working together


E Execute tasks and duties with an exemplary attitude and behaviour.
T Training and Education for better work practice
H High standard of holistic care consistent with Christian values
I Involvement in the facilities’ continuous improvements
C Care, respect, love and dignity
A Act in a way that will bring honour to self and organisation
L Let our values determine our actions


Our Commitments To You

To Our Self-care Residents:

We will provide attractive, safe housing in a friendly, supportive, Seventh-day Adventist Christian environment.

To Our Residents:

We will provide a family setting with full support and nurture for physical, emotional and spiritual needs.  We will encourage independence for as long as possible and maintain a sense of dignity for each resident.

To the Families and Friends of our Residents:

We will provide honest communication, emotional support and the opportunity for interactive involvement in providing holistic care for the residents.

To Our Staff:

We will provide a safe, clean, friendly environment that encourages excellence, facilitate open communication, expressed appreciation, continuing education for professional growth, and encourage each person to reach their potential.

To the Church:

We will operate a self-supporting institution that upholds the standards and traditions of Adventist compassion for the sick and elderly.